Friday, July 19, 2013

The 2013 Spirit of Ireland Tour: Ruins, Runes and Tunes

Four four years I have taken a small group of people to my Ireland, my ancestral homeland. Ireland is magical place; wonderful countryside, fantastic people who genuinely love Americans, phenomenal music, great food (really), incredible photo ops, wonderful sacred sites, and much, much more. This year's tour was unsurpassed in the level of enchantment. What makes these tours so special are the people who come on them, who participate in a chance to help, in our own humble way, heal the sacred lines of energy of the planetary grid structure, and make the world a better place. Most people who go to Ireland, take photos and drink Guinness. We do that too, but we give something back... through the healing intention of love and compassion, and this makes for a most magical enchanting tour. The follow photos are just a small selection of moments of our trip...and images can only begin to explain the essence.... the real magic is in the experience.... enjoy....

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